Imagine the ability to predict incidents or likelihood/risks better in your workplace…

Since 2017 Next World has been building Virtual Reality Learning Experiences for hands-on industries, leading an innovative new frontier in workplace learning. Our VR Learning Experiences are the gateway to opening up new and richer veins of data and analytics, never seen before for organisations.

We are now very excited to launch our Insights Platform, providing both a content management system for VR Learning Experiences and using the data collected to generate analytics with insightful predictions for customers. Our Insights Platform enriches the experiences, allowing users to manage, track and predict risks in the workplace.

Manage – For customers to easily access, manage and deploy learning experiences.

Track – The platform deploys data collection providing centralised analytics from the Learning experiences.

Predict Risks – Launching the start of the prediction journey, data collection is used to provide predictive employee risk alerts.

The Platform


Through our learning tracking system, businesses will have the ability to see team members due for training, their competency gaps and the ability to keep track of overdue training with inbuilt reminders. This allows employers to visually understand team members risk profiles with a simulation where the dial ranges through their associated risk factors to arrive at an overall rating.

As a result, employers can see connections between knowledge retention, engagement and employee competency as well as the ability to draw correlations to understand how their training is making an impact.

The Platform


Through our tracking capability, the identification of team members with a greater propensity to risk, based on their assessment scores and focus tracking data is evident. Our platform allows impactful predictions and the ability to avoid ‘near misses’ by understanding where the risks are most predominant in your organisation.

This will also allow employers to identify at-risk employees and deploy interventions which consist of filling knowledge gaps to transform previous high-risk behaviours.

The Platform

Driven by game design and behavioural science, Next World focuses on cognitive flow, a mental state where people are intensely focused and engaged on what they are doing that their mind eliminates all other thoughts. One technique used to manage flow in interactive experiences is Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment (DDA). As people perform a task, they will improve at it, so to maintain a flow state the task has to get more

At Next World, we recognise that businesses have existing/legacy learning management systems. We aim to support existing organisational technology systems without replacing them, adding new value with predictive analytics, risk profiling data and Virtual Reality science.

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