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We have had a pretty huge 2020 here at Next World… Despite the global pandemic, lockdowns and working from home, we have still managed to reach some pretty amazing goals and achievements throughout the year.  

2020 started off with a bang, being a QODE Start Up/Scale Up Finalist (top 5) followed by a successful Capital Raise. In June we were also one of thirteen winners for the QLD Ignite Ideas Fund from Advance Queensland out of 500+ entrants. Fast forward to December and we have had seen massive business growth, despite Covid-19. We are also excited to announce our entry to the NZ market with the assistance of Goleman Group all while entering into the US market (all in the space of one week)! Our team has done an amazing job at making this happen in such a quick timeframe. Due to these amazing achievements, we have grown our internal team to 13+ just to keep up with growing demand.

Although we couldn’t be prouder of our achievements as a business, we would also like to say a massive thank-you to our clients who have jumped on board the Virtual Reality train, subscribing to our Off-The-Shelf Learning Experiences.

During the Covid-19 lockdown we provided regional Queensland’s Burke Shire Council the opportunity to trial a series of Virtual Reality Learning Experiences that accurately reflected the reality of workplace hazards and situations.

From using our innovative VR technology, Burke Shire Council won the 2020 Butch Lenton Bush Council Innovation Award presented by Peak Services and LGAQ.

Burke Shire Council will endeavour to be an example for remote councils considering a way to innovate their approach to training. Congratulations to Burke Shire Council!

Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council, partnered with SurePact, experienced VR for their staff training. The results were outstanding with participants stating they learned on average 60% more, describing it as ‘a hands-on experience’. We are very proud of our efforts in helping these businesses and employees learn essential skills and improve safety in workplaces.


With a target for the next 12 months being over 100 subscribers, we are happy to announce that we had 21 new VR Learning Experience Subscribers sign up just last week alone! Moving forward, we are now setting bigger and better goals heading into 2021. Along with new subscribers, we are beyond excited to launch our predictive insights platform in February 2021. Our specially designed VR Learning Experiences will capture rich data sets and insights into an incident likelihood, resulting in better learning outcomes and safer workplaces.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the team at Next World!

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