Next World Affiliate Program

Join one of the fastest growing global industries and earn doing so

Do you love being on the cutting edge of tech and want to introduce the next frontier of workplace Learning to your clients?
The Next World Affiliate Program rewards you for engaging with your business contacts and communities by simply directing their attention to Next World and driving sales.
Benefits of joining the Next World Affiliate Program:

Attractive Affiliate Commission Structure

Be seen as an innovative thought leader in the safety and training field

The opportunity to open up interesting conversation to new clientele

Become a part of the global push in VR and the “metaverse” Future-proof yourself for the VR and Web 3.0 evolution

  • Your own VR headset

  • Next World’s evolving library of VR Training Experiences

  • Training and onboarding to the Next World ecosystem

  • Learn how to position the value of VR to your clients

  • Direct support from the Next World team


Contact Trevor Wantennar, head of global partnerships

Benefits of VR Training

Increase engagement

VR training is proven to increase employee engagement by up to 85%.

improve knowledge acquisition

Gamification of learning achieve higher assessment scores of 93% compared to 73% with conventional learning methods.

Minimise risk

Minimise risk to your employees and your business through maximising knowledge retention for better safety practices through visually immersive VR training.

increase productivity

Increase productivity through optimised learning outcomes and minimising down-time due to injury from ineffective training methods.

retain knowledge

Using VR training results in better retention rates – up to 80% one year after training, compared to 20% just one week after traditional training.


Reduce costs to business through maximising learning outcomes and knowledge retention.