Drydocks significantly reduced accidents and increased hazards reporting

Drydocks World LLC provides marine and offshore service to the shipping, oil, gas, and energy sectors. With 10,000 permanent staff and 4,000 temporary workers, health and safety of employees is of top priority.

As part of its commitment to a safe workplace, DryDocks uses the pioneering VR technology of Next World to train employees on hazard identification and safety practices.

Simulation Training

Using Virtual Reality, trainees immerse in realistic simulated environments similar to their work setting, and taught how to identify and avoid hazards. Next World’s VR library covers several H&S topics, and DryDocks focuses on 2-4 in the first year of adoption:

Manual Handling
Hand Safety
Boom Lift Operation
Fire Hazard Identification

Training Approach

Employees are scheduled for VR sessions with Next World’s Learning Platform. Training is conducted in a dedicated VR classroom, with four VR kits connected to a TV.

The classroom has 2 trainers, providing constant guidance and support. Every training session is 45 minutes covering one topic. With 4 VR kits, DryDocks conducts an average of 40 training sessions weekly.

Six-Month Results

Scale Up

Within a short period, DryDocks was able to boost risk awareness and management for trainees. This reflects in a significant reduction of accidents and an increase in hazards reporting, leaving everyone safer in the workplace.

Simulation training using VR yields much better results than traditional methods. VR users are 275% more confident in applying skills learned in VR than in traditional training. They are also 4 times more focused and 4 times faster to learn!

After a successful pilot, DryDocks aims to scale up the use of Next World’s VR, by acquiring more headsets and training 1600 employees by the end of 2023

VR simulates real-world scenarios and enabled us to acquire skills and knowledge in a safe and controlled setting. Next World created memorable, impactful, and cost-effectiveness training that is transforming the way we acquire expertise.