Find out how Major Training, one of Queensland's largest construction RTO's advocates for the importance of VR in their training

How Major Training Implemented VR Into Their RTO Training Framework

Each year, Komatsu host their Apprenticeship Development Learning Pathway, offering a formal qualification to young learners and an avenue into the industry. Already being previously partnered with Next World as part of their larger safety program, Komatsu asked Next World to demonstrate the effectiveness of Virtual Reality training to the 2022 apprentice cohort.

The results show an overwhelming positive response and a significant opportunity to increase learning engagement. Next World’s VR solution also provided Komatsu trainers a potential of up to a 55.13% time efficiency saving per class. 

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Komatsu apprentices satisfied with VR training

Key Metrics

We asked the apprentices to share their thoughts on opinions after completing their VR training session

VR offers a better learning experience than e-Learning?

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Learning content delivered in VR sessions is easier to recall?

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How relevant was the VR learning content to your development?

"The traditional way of learning, which has been through textbook and structured learning programs, obviously leaves gaps in learning capability, so being able to have a portable tool that we can send to a worker before they complete a dangerous or new task, to fill those knowledge gaps, is a super powerful tool for Komatsu moving forwards."

How Komatsu Implemented VR Training

Leveraging the strengths of a large organisation, Komatsu has taken a diverse and effective approach to the rollout of their VR training. They have employed a range of methods throughout their two Australian training locations, from group training sessions to one-on-one learning. Komatsu has also reported great utilisation of Next World’s multi-viewer hardware.

How it’s been used

Group Training Sessions
Multi-viewer hardware
1:1 Screen Casting
VR Training Scheduler

Komatsu’s Custom Builds

On top of access to Next World’s course library, Komatsu have expanded their library to include x4 custom built VR course; x1 successfully delivered, x1 in development phase , and x2 additional courses in the pipeline. These custom builds have allowed Komatsu to create extremely specific learning outcomes for their workforce.

Where VR has taken Komatsu

Since taking VR training to scale across Australia, Komatsu has seen a number of positive influences within the training program. Data from Next World’s VR LMS shows a clear result in the below areas: