How VR has become a key component of the organisation’s training framework at Veolia

As an industry leader in both innovation and sustainability, Enova by Veolia (Veolia) are dedicated to the implementation of new, beneficial solutions to apply throughout their workforce. Throughout 2022, Veolia engaged Next World to explore the paradigm shift that was occurring around EdTech and Immersive Learning. An initial pilot program was rolled out across 3 locations with the aim to take ~800 employees through various Next World courses

The results of the pilot showed an overwhelmingly positive response from trainers, trainees and management. Plans to scale up the roll-out by 5x are in place.

Veolia's most utilised course - Slips, Trips & Falls

Veolia’s existing training methods VS Next World’s virtual reality

Veolia employee using VR to training Working At Heights
Veolia employee experiencing VR for the first time

Veolia’s Golden Rules of Safety

Veolia’s VR Training Rollout

A Pilot Program consisting of four headsets across three locations was rolled out throughout Q3-4 2022. The program allowed Veolia to experience Next World’s platform at a low cost of entry, and to understand how a scale-up could be achieved.

Employee ID: List of employees and their details are collected, selected employees are registered and access code provided

Training Schedule: Selected employees will be scheduled for the training against the course using Next World's scheduling tool

Deploy VR Headset: Headsets and trainers are sent to the training site

Conduct Training: The employees completes their VR training course

Collect Feedback: Feedbacks from the employees is collected upon training completion

Veolia’s Feedback