Next World Custom Builds

Build courses specific to your existing training needs.

Build a course specific to your training needs.

Take your existing training documentation and framework and engineer it for VR! 

Custom Build philosophy

We include subject matter experts in the process and key stakeholders to ensure your custom-built experience is aligned to your specifications. Realise untapped ROI on time efficiency savings, cost savings, reduction in physical assets, and global scalability effect including multiple languages.


Build a VR experience unique to the training your team requires. Down to company logos, specific machinery and specific jargon used. 


Schedule your team's training sessions and ensure they are up to date with any outstanding training modules.


Tech support, onboarding, and customer care are all included in your Custom build package.


Insert custom build into NW library for easy access and over-the-air updates.

Unlock value in your business

Investment support

Ensure your business investment is well-supported and that you are set up for success. 


Gives you and your employees the confidence you need to excell.


Continues to keep you and your people safe well into the future. 

Always Accessible

Create virtual environments that look like your office space and are accessible 24/7/365.

Digital Assets

Create digital assets such as, tools, machinery, vehicles and equipment.


Align experiences to your specific safety procedures and processes.

Car 2 Bus

Our most recent Custom build was our Bus driver safety course in Collaboration with MEGT (Australia) Ltd and Major Training Group (RTO 6139)  for Kinetic. You can read more about this project here.