Next World offers intelligently designed and engineered virtual reality learning experiences on a subscription basis that not only materially improves outcomes, but also opens a rich data gateway to the individual and organisation.

Virtual reality experiences provide a fully immersive experience in a safe and secure environment allowing employees to be trained in manual handling, hazard identification, excavator safety, fire hazards, working at heights, confined space, chainsaw safety and our newest learning experience fire extinguisher.

Off the Shelf Learning Experiences

Manual Handling

Manual handling is the leading cause of injuries and workplace compensation claims. Next World’s manual handling experience teaches employees the best and safest manual handling practices that should be applied in the workplace. Participants can apply their understanding of tasks as they complete the experiences, showing detailed animations of both the impact of safe and unsafe manual handling practices. Next World’s manual handling learning experience:

VR Learning Manual Handling
  • Identity’s issues relating to manual handling
  • Practices that can be done to make a situation more efficient
  • Identifying which part of the body is most at risk with wrong lifting techniques.
  • Recognising where the solution lies on the hierarchy of control
  • Safe lifting techniques

Hazard Identification

Next World’s virtual reality training makes it easy to maintain competency in workplace safety, protecting against the risk of serious injury or fatality. Minimise the risk associated with on-site training methods, in an office and construction site, allowing your employees to be assessed on their understanding of what makes the task a hazard and how the hazard can be minimised through the hierarchy of control.

Undertake a series of risk management assessment, identifying level of risk, procedures and control to be put in place. The learning experience includes:

  • Detailed introduction
  • Plan and prepare risk control
  • Assess risks and identify unacceptable risk
  • Identify, assess and implement risk treatments
  • Complete record and reports
  • Hazard register
  • Hazard identification
  • Risk assessment
VR Learning Solution

Excavator Safety

Excavators intermix with below ground infrastructure, people at ground level and electrical infrastructure often above eye view. Our Excavator Safety Learning Experience assists participants in completing pre-start safety checks. Put yourself in the driver’s seat of an excavator and operate it with simulation-like precision and accuracy. Learn how to undertake and review pre-start and pre-operation processes and ensure they operate the equipment safely and with an awareness of hazards. In addition to making sure the user knows how to correctly operate an excavator, the experience also teaches the user how to safely ready an excavator for transportation on a trailer and the correct use of tie-down equipment.

Fire Hazards

Fire hazards are a major risk in any workplace. Next World’s fire hazards learning experience takes you through:

  • Characteristics of fire: Participants will learn why these hazards exist and why it is importance to recognise the characteristics of fire.
  • Types of fuel: Many fuel types can cause a fire. Learn about the six different classes of fuel and certain objects belonging to each class.
  • Equipment used to manage fire hazards: It is important to ensure fire equipment in the workplace is available and in working order. Learn how/why this equipment is essential if a fire incident occurs in your workplace.

Be assessed on identifying hazards relating to fire and fire safety in the workplace. The experience will also monitor the way the situation is assessed, the effectiveness throughout and how you answer the provided questions. 

VR Learning Solution

Working at Heights

Refresh your employees to safely work at height within 20 minutes with advanced virtual reality technology. The learning experience includes:
  • An in-depth hazard detection module. Allow the user to spot hazards that could pose serious injury or even death to both yourself or other workers in the experience, assess the risk and make sure that the correct control measures will be put in place.
  • PPE testing
  • An assessment on how to safely conduct work at a height, focusing on scissor lift height work, along with training in how to prepare for heights work.

Confined Space Entry

Undertaking Next World’s Confined Space Learning Experience, users will get to use and inspect a variety of tools and PPE equipment to ensure it is ready for use.
  • Assess your ability to perform a realistic confined space scenario
  • Understand how incorrect methods can cause injury
  • Respond to danger within a confined space.

VR Learning Solution

Chainsaw Safety

Next World’s Chainsaw safety learning experience provides the user knowledge when needed, at a fraction cost of conventional courses. The virtual reality experience covers the operation and maintenance of chainsaws including:

  • Safe cutting techniques
  • Operator health & safety
  • PPE checklist
  • External hazards
  • Pre-start checks
  • Chain tension

Complete a scenario on trimming and cutting felled trees including preparing to cut trees, risk assessment, understanding tension and triggered events as well as planning felling. The virtual reality learning experience can be utilised as complimentary training to enhance accredited courses, awareness training to create a greater number staff that can identify potential risks as well as refresher training to maintain a high level of safety in the workplace.

Fire Extinguisher Skills

Extinguishing agents & classes of fire
  • Fire extinguishers contain different extinguishing agents that are appropriate for fighting different classes of fires. Understanding the different types of extinguishing agents and selecting the correct fire extinguisher is essential to fighting a fire. Module 1, extinguishing agents, allows learners to familiarise themselves with types of fire extinguishers and classes of fire. 
Approaching a fire safely
  • Following the correct procedures when deciding how to attack a fire ensures your life and those people around you are safe in a fire emergency. Learn how to approach a fire and familiarise yourself with how to safely use a fire extinguisher through the PASS method. 
Using a fire extinguisher
  • Assess users’ knowledge learnt throughout the learning experience to respond to a series of different fire scenarios
VR Fire Training
Fire Safety Training VR