QODE (pronounced Code) is Queensland’s largest technology and innovation conference and is targeted at entrepreneurial start-up and investment communities. They have returned for the second year, March 24th to 25th 2020, where they showcased unique innovation and new technologies through their “Pitch Black” event. During these two days of inspiration, knowledge and ideas were shared from experts to a global audience, which provided Queenslanders and visitors more insight into what the future could hold. QODE organisers have taken the initiative to deliver this event virtually, where content was streamed online through YouTube to an online audience, entirely free of charge.

Next World Enterprises participated in the “Pitch Black” event, where we pitched our innovative ideas to a panel and competed against 300 other applicants. We proudly became part of the top 5 finalists in the QODE 2020 Start Up within the “Scale Up” Category.

As a result of qualifying in the top 5, it is evident that our pitch, our innovation, our mission, have demonstrated to have high potential in the replacement of PowerPoint and eLearning with the implementation of VR training. “Death by PowerPoint” is a thing of the past. With VR training, we can achieve amazing results. It’s confirmed to improve knowledge acquisition, retain new founded knowledge, increase productivity and engagement, all while maintaining a safe environment for people to learn in at a reduced cost. Here at Next World, we want to provide and build engaging VR safety training assets, that will enrich people’s knowledge and increase their risk awareness, allowing them to maximise their safety consciousness.