As Safe Work Month approaches, we talk about reducing construction site fatalities with proper training. This is a guide to virtual reality training and induction in the Australian construction industry.

Virtual reality training and induction in the Australian construction industry is the wave of the future. In the near future, almost all Australian construction industry entities will offer everything from virtual reality training and induction to virtual reality design. Right now, there are leading Australian construction companies offering ways to reduce construction site fatalities and injuries through proper training using virtual reality.


The importance of virtual reality training and induction in the Australian construction industry cannot be overvalued. It is through virtual reality training that is immersive and provided through present-day augmented technology that prepares construction workers to do their job safely. Please read the guide on how virtual reality training and induction in the Australian construction industry is becoming the new effective and efficient norm.

Virtual Reality Learning

Virtual reality learning within the construction industry is sometimes provided in an ecosystem of safety training and compliance events and actions. It’s a way of delivering safety training content through registered training organisations that maximise your learning outcomes and knowledge retention through virtual reality technology. By optimising your learning outcomes and knowledge base with your construction personnel, you’re able to get a step ahead of the compliance and standards requirements you need to manage throughout your construction site personnel tenures.

Site Induction

That kind of management saves you costs, helps you meet all safety and regulation compliance requirements, increases productivity, and reduces injuries all through one virtual reality learning ecosystem. Many construction companies will provide virtual reality training and induction through astute partnerships that help them deliver the accredited safety and training courses they need. The immersive content will include but not be limited to:

  • 360 views that are immersive and allow the users to experience their environment
  • 360 views that will enable the users to move around their respective construction environments
  • The 360 virtual reality video will provide creative content and immersive workplace inductions

The workplace virtual reality and induction will be easy for users to use, and construction companies will find it to be a task deliverable that’s easy to create and publish.

Virtual Reality Training and Induction

If you are a technologically progressive Australian construction company, then you may already understand how virtual reality training and induction in construction can be beneficial in many different ways. But its most significant and critical benefit is that it can provide the proper training needed for reducing injuries and saving lives on a construction site. Virtual reality and induction is engaging and is based on workplace situational events and actions that prepare participants for the real thing. 

Preparation of what your workers can do in a construction environment helps them prepare for their job before they are ever onsite. That means immersive content is adding learning content in a way that has never before been realized or implemented within the construction industry. One of the most immersive and most effortless virtual reality content applications is the 360 videos, which enable users to look around and engage in their virtual reality environment. 

Moving Forward in Virtual Reality Training and Induction

When your Australian construction company is ready to find a way to reduce injuries and prevent construction activity fatalities, the best solution on the market is virtual reality training and induction hardware and software. The retention of information is increased with the use of virtual reality as opposed to traditional forms of activity due to the immersive creative content. Construction workers who are better trained with advanced knowledge in everything from chainsaw safety to excavator safety make your working sites fully operational while meeting all safety compliance regulations.

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