Special Offer

Who is using Zoom these days?

Pretty much everyone is pivoting to a virtual workplace. Is yours?


To help you accelerate the transition to a Virtual workplace, Next World is going to make your like easy with these two (2) SPECIAL OFFERS:

Special Offer 1: Access our Off the Shelf VR Learning Content right NOW! Access our course catalogue that includes:

Special Offer 2: Design your very own Company Induction & Onboarding package. Packages will include elements including:

Full 3D immersive and interactive replica of your company workplace

Executive (CEO & Board) messaging “Welcome to Company”

Gamified experience with interactive assessments

Company Values, mission and vision

Company history “Our Journey”

Safety Golden Rules

Location tours, visits complete with interactivity and critical messaging

+++ many many more options

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The future is here – Join the Next World of business.

Monthly subscriptions available for both specials.