Virtual Reality LMS

Opening up new and richer veins of data and analytics

A learning management system designed to empower your organisation with data and insights only attainable through immersive realities.


Oversee your VR training with ease, create training groups, schedule sessions and manage your workforce


Dive into the session insights and gain a deeper understanding of the skills or knowledge gaps of individual trainees


Identify team members with a greater propensity to risk allowing preventative measures to be taken

Session Insights

Each VR training session produces thousands of unqiue data points which are analysed and displayed in an user-friendly insights page.

Trainers can ultilise these powerful insights to assess safety capabilities and behaviours of individual employees.

Employee Overview

See how team members are scoring in their sessions and manage previous and upcoming training.

Schedule Training

Create upcoming training sessions with ease, with automatic reminder notifications sent to trainees.


Trainers are supplied with digital certificates upon completion of their VR sessions. These certificates can be used to view training data and provide proof of training.


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