How do we implement VR at scale?

Next World is dedicated to working closely with each partner to achieve a viable scale up solution. We have in-depth procedures and documentation to ensure this is successful.

Will people get motion sick?

Our VR courses are designed to actively reduce the causes of motion sickness. A high and stable Frames per Second (FPS), and simple locomotion are employed across all courses. Both the hardware and software has come a long way in a short time to overcome this issue. VR can be experienced both standing and seated […]

Why do I need VR training when I can deliver the same learning content face-to-face?

To put simply, you can’t! VR provides a highly engaging learning experience where individuals can learn in different ways; both auditory, visually, and emotionally. Next World’s VR training framework allows us to re-create virtual situational risks and hazards, without putting the learner in any actual danger (which is impossible to do in reality!). This very […]