VR Classroom

Innovate your student learning experience and Modernise your classroom.

Students in VR

Enhance how your students learn!

Rapid advancements in educational technology is revolutionising how leading organisations facilitate their learning frameworks; dedicated immersive learning hubs are at the centre of this change.
Easily Transported

Portable All-in-one case with wheels for easy transportation, travel to various sites and conduct training on the go.

Learn anywhere

Experience VR standing or seated on a swivel chair in a classroom setting. All that is needed is a 4x4m space.

Train Wirelesly

Screen sharing up to 4 participants enables the trainer to monitor student progress easily; and wirelessly connect in seconds.

What is it?

Next World’s VR Classroom is an all-in-one kit that includes everything you need to set up a portable VR classroom in your organisation. This enables you to start your journey with VR quickly and easily.

Each Classroom Kit Includes:

Train anyone, anywhere.