Forklift Inspection

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Course Overview

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Forklift Inspection

Forklifts are one of the most used and relied upon pieces of warehousing machinery. While employees are lawfully required to obtain their forklift licence, the training involved often focuses on vehicle control and load stacking and lacks focus on the important aspect of inspection! It is common that many accidents involving forklifts steam from improper maintenance, something which could be easily avoided if employees had reported the damaged components. Next World’s VR Forklift Inspection teaches participants how to perform a complete pre-start checklist, covering both internal and external components.

Learning Outcomes

The central focus of this course is to teach employees how to complete a full scale forklift inspection from start to finish.


Why Choose Immersive Learning?

Higher Retention Rate

Our VR training courses are built from the ground up to offer the most immersive training experience possible. Because of this deep user immersion, VR training has been proven to result in much higher retention rates – up to 80% one year after training, compared to just 20% from traditional training methods.

Increase In Confidence

Immersive learning helps build confidence in trainees abilities and prepares them for real-world situations by allowing them to practice and test their skills in challenging scenarios. A recent PwC study found VR training increased the confidence of participants by 275%.

Safe Training In Hazardous Situations

In addition to providing an immersive and engaging training environment, VR allows trainees to experience the consequences of poor safety while they train and practice their skills in high danger scenarios without any of the normal risks or costs. 

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