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We offer a constantly evolving library of VR training solutions, available as part of your Next World subscription. Each training experience is purposely designed to engage participants, foster deep understanding of the topic, and leave memorable impressions.


Hazard Identification is a critical safety skill in every workplace. Teaching employees how to effectively access and implement control measures for hazards assists greatly in reducing workplace incidents.

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11% of workplace fatalities are related to falls at heights. With the proper training and knowledge retention, these accidents can easily be avoided.

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Office environments are surprisingly filled with many hazards that can cause serious injuries or disease. Train your employees to effectively identify and implement controls to manage office space risks.

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Damaged and unsafe forklifts are a leading cause of warehouse related injuries. Teach employees how to conduct in-depth pre-start checklists, and how to access if a forklift is safe for use.

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Forklift Safety is of huge importance for all warehouses. Learn all the correct methods for working around forklifts, as well as the hazards that can follow from unsafe actions

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Fire Extinguisher Skills are extremely valuable for all employees. Familiarise staff with types of extinguishing agents, classes of fire and how to use extinguishers safety. Access and respond to a serious of scenarios. 

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Fire Hazards are a significant risk in all workplaces. Learn about the many characteristics and classes of fire, and what equipment can be used to manage the risks.

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Injuries stemming from poor manual handling are among the most common and costly in the workplace. Give employees the skills they need to safety and effectively perform their daily tasks.

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Confined Space work poses a serious health and safety risk. It is imperative employees feel confident and understand how to access and manage the unique risks they may face. 

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Hazardous energy is particularly dangerous due to its inability to be easily visualised in real time. Ensure your employees understand the risks and correct procedures for LOTO

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Injuries from Slips, Trips and Falls are a leading cause of workplace compensation claims and loss of productivity. Give your employees the skills they need to avoid such accidents. 

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Our hands are involved in almost every task we complete while at work, placing them at constant risk of injury. Give your employees the knowledge they need to manage these risks and avoid costly injury. 

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We expect to have over 25 courses by years end
Forklift Operator

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Electrical Safety

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Ladder Safety

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Equipment Inspection

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Gas Detect Atmosphere

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Office Evacuation

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Waste Management

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Heat Stress

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Load Restraint

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First Aid

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Benefits of VR Training

Increase engagement

VR training is proven to increase employee engagement by up to 85%.

improve knowledge acquisition

Gamification of learning achieve higher assessment scores of 93% compared to 73% with conventional learning methods.

Minimise risk

Minimise risk to your employees and your business through maximising knowledge retention for better safety practices through visually immersive VR training.

increase productivity

Increase productivity through optimised learning outcomes and minimising down-time due to injury from ineffective training methods.

retain knowledge

Using VR training results in better retention rates – up to 80% one year after training, compared to 20% just one week after traditional training.


Reduce costs to business through maximising learning outcomes and knowledge retention.


Unlimited access to all training experiences, and lifetime support from our team

Unlimited access to all Learning Experiences, and lifetime support from our team

Matched to your training needs


Enhancing accredited courses by taking static materials and turning them into a gamified experience for trainees, gaining their unit of competency.


Create a greater number of staff that can identify potential risks and hazards. Next World training makes it affordable for staff to undertake training non-critical to their role.


Essential to maintaining a high level of safety in the workplace, Next World training is a cost effective and time efficient substitute to repeating accredited training, yielding superior results.

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